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Apple employee blogging and social media guidelines revealed

Ben Camm-Jones | Dec. 6, 2011
The guidelines that Apple employees are expected to adhere to when blogging and using social media have been revealed in a leaked document.

Likewise, Apple respects the confidential information of others. You may not use or disclose any such third-party information unless you are authorized by the third party to do so and until you have signed a confidentiality agreement with Apple.

Examples of Apple confidential information include, but are not limited to the following:

sales and financial information of any kind including store and individual metricsproduct availability and constraintsinformation shared through store meetings, corporate meetings, RNN,BulletNews, Kbase, or any other internalApple resourcehiring and training information including salaries and bonus programsApple policies and proceduresRetail Store WebsitesAs an Apple employee, you may not create store websites displaying storerelated activities. This includes but is not limited to theater presentations, storeopenings, posting schedules or other store events.

Employee Personal Websites:As an Apple employee, you are often the first on the block to see and touch new Apple products. While you may create personal websites, you may not display photographs, articles, or commentary about Apple products, services, or initiatives.Posting Messages on Mac-Related Websites:

As an Apple employee, you represent the Apple brand. While you are free to view any website on your own time, you may not post messages or commentary on Mac and Apple-related websites, whether you identify yourself as an Apple employee or not.

Speculating on Rumors:

Refrain from speculating on anything Apple has not officially announced, even if a customer presses you for a personal opinion or indicates an interest in making a substantial purchase. Information leaks can potentially damage Apple's interests, and Apple has zero tolerance for those who leak information. When you began working for Apple, you agreed to keep Apple's confidential information within the workplace, including any information you receive from an internal Apple source. Be cautious of conversations with other employees on the salesfloor. Customers often overhear these conversations which can lead to misinformation.

Do not confirm or deny any information, even if customers pressure you by saying they are about to make or influence a substantial purchase or refer to non-Apple websites as sources of information. Refer to the following speaking points:

Apple does not comment on rumors about decisions, products, programs, or promotions that have not been officially announced by Apple.By withholding comment, Apple hopes to protect customers from making decisions based on information that is incomplete, inaccurate, or subject to change before the formal announcement.Apple believes this is the best way to ensure that all customers are treated fairly.In addition to the above, speculating on rumors with internal Apple colleagues is strictly prohibited. Only those individuals on the Company's official disclosure list are entitled to receive and discuss information pertaining to unannounced Company information.

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