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BLOG: Will social media kill RSS?

Adam Turner (via SMH) | July 1, 2013
It wasn't long before people started to use social media as de facto RSS feeds to keep track of what was happening in the world.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that RSS is dying simply because something better has come along. RSS isn't dying because it's been superseded. RSS is being systematically wiped out because it's still so incredibly useful and powerful in an age when the tech giants want to monitor your every move and monitise your every thought.

The fact so many services are rushing in to fill the gap left by Google Reader tells you that there's plenty of life left in RSS yet. Rusted on RSS users who appreciate its strengths aren't going to abandon it that easily, but as the Facebook generation finally starts to think about ideas like privacy and free speech then they might also start to look to RSS to see what all the fuss is about.

Is there still a place for RSS in your view of the world, or has social media put it to the sword?


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