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Blue Coat reduces costs for Lebanon Online

Anuradha Shukla | Aug. 16, 2011
Internet service provider deploys Blue Coat caching technology.

Internet service provider (ISP) Lebanon Online S.A.R.L. has saved 50 percent on international bandwidth, increased security and improved delivery of video and rich Web 2.0 content by deploying the Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000 appliance.

Blue Coat Systems offers solutions that provide the visibility, acceleration and security required to optimise and secure the flow of information to any user, on any network, anywhere.

The company notes that the return on investment in CacheFlow appliances for the ISP is expected to be less than six months, based upon bandwidth savings alone.

CacheFlow appliances aids service providers scale the services to address the customer demand for rich Web 2.0 media, especially video content. It also helps them to contain costs and meet high end-user expectations for a fast and interactive Web experience.

"With prohibitively high bandwidth costs in the region and limited capacity to meet our user demands, the CacheFlow appliance is the best solution to reduce infrastructure costs by reducing  bandwidth consumption," said Hussein Turkieh, company engineer and IT manager, Lebanon Online.

"We are extremely impressed with the results from the CacheFlow appliance. We found that we could save 50 percent on our international bandwidth, which provided a rapid return on investment. In addition, our users noticed considerable improvement in the speed and performance of Web applications and content."

Sustained savings

CacheFlow appliances efficiently cache and serve Web content to provide significant, sustained bandwidth savings through content caching technologies, including the Blue Coat CachePulse cloud service.

Lebanon Online is leveraging CacheFlow appliances to deliver more happiness to its customers, enjoy more loyal subscribers and benefit from greater competitive differentiation.

Looking forward, the ISP will further leverage the capabilities of Blue Coat solutions to design a value-added services strategy that allows it to provide additional, potentially chargeable services to its customers, including parental controls and a 'clean Internet' security service.

"The CacheFlow 5000 appliance builds on our expertise in delivering Web content and applications effectively and securely," said Darrell Long, general manager and vice president of the CacheFlow business unit, Blue Coat Systems.

"It represents a significant leap forward in addressing the bandwidth challenges facing service providers. Our breakthrough caching technology addresses the monumental challenges service providers face in meeting fiercely growing demand for video and Web 2.0 content from mobile and fixed users."


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