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Does Google+ matter for small businesses?

Christopher Null | May 17, 2013
Google+ is a ghost town for corporate America. Should your small business spend time cultivating a Google+ presence?

Once you have a Google+ Page set up, then what? Does keeping it "fresh" really help with anything? Even search industry experts are divided on whether Google+ makes a difference for SEO, and other complaints cited in the aforementioned Reuters piece are legion: The site isn't frequented by target customers. There are only so many hours in the day that one can deal with social networking and Facebook gets the priority. Google+ doesn't offer as many "creative options." In other words, Google+ is ugly. Google at least seems to have gotten the message on this front, announcing today at the Google I/O conference that Google+ was being completely redesigned.

And there's also the issue that, two years on, you still can't create a Google+ Page for adult-oriented businesses, including those involved in the alcohol industry. Try to create one and Google gives you an error: "Our product is not available for you yet. Please come back later." Sorry, but on Google+, this Bud's not for you.

For small business owners, what to do with all of this information, then? You can be forgiven if you find Google+ to be a confusing waste of time, but it still makes sense to create a Page for your company and keep it reasonably up to date with at least one post every week or two. Why? Because even if Google+ doesn't do anything for overall SEO, its at least one more place that helps with your overall visibility on the web.

After all, even a ghost town gets a visitor or two from time to time.


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