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Google's Schmidt talks Google Maps, patent wars, and being CEO of Apple

Karen Haslam | Oct. 12, 2012
Google chairman Eric Schmidt would like to be CEO of Apple, thinks Apple should never have ditched Google Maps, and believes that the patent wars is "a disaster for us all".

"Four times more Android phones than Apple phones. 500 million phones already in use. Doing 1.3 million activations a day. We'll be at 1 billion mobile devices in a year," he added.

This battle is good for consumers, Schmidt claims: "The beneficiary is you all, the customer, globally. This is wonderful."

And the battle rages on: the smartphone industry is beating the PC industry, according to Schmidt: "Compare this to the PC industry. Phone user population is six billion, one billion smartphone users. Much bigger than the PC industry maybe a billion, 1.5 billion installed."

"Every month, quarter, year, the growth rate of mobile adoption exceeds everyone's expectations. The phones become so useful that it's good enough for normal people in lieu of a PC, for day-to-day events. Years ago, people like myself, we missed that," Schmidt said.


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