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How do CIOs deal with social software?

C.G. Lynch | June 1, 2008
Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, two Forrester Research analysts, have a message for CIOs in their new book, "Groundswell," about social technologies: you can't control users looking to utilize Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis and social networks.

How long would it have taken that employee to find this person? They would have made a bunch of calls to find out that it was the wrong case. So this technology broke down walls and enabled a form of communication within the organization that otherwise would have been blocked by silos.

CIO: We tend to hear that the gravitation towards Web 2.0-inspired technologies is still the younger generation . Is that a fair statement? Are the older folks hopeless?

Li: Our data shows that young people will embrace social technologies much more so and participate in them more than older people. There was a cut off at about 40, so the end of Generation X. And even within generation X, it's a steep decline. But what's interesting, when we looked at this a year and a half ago, Generation X wasn't really using Web 2.0 nearly as much, and now they've really caught up. And now even the Boomers we see participating, but just not at the same active levels. Often, they're spectators. They might read blogs and listen to podcasts, but at the other end of participation are creators, who are actively creating that content.



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