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Hulu rolls out US$12/month ad-free service. Is it a good deal?

Peter Smith | Sept. 4, 2015
Last Wednesday Hulu added a new add-free tier to its streaming service, and reactions around the tech blogosphere seem to be all over the place.

I recently subscribed to Showtime through Hulu and that was a positive experience as well. Showtime via Hulu is an additional $8.99/month.

The other news that factors into all this is the Epix deal. Late last week Netflix's contract with Epix expired and Netflix didn't renew. Hulu swooped in and sealed a multi-year deal with Epix, and their movies (including titles like The Hunger Games, Selma, and Interstellar) will start hitting the service on October 1st. You won't see these films on Netflix or Amazon Prime, just on Hulu. You can learn more about the Epix deal on Hulu's blog. Of course, I doubt Hulu planned on chopping these films up to intersperse ads into them, but I'm just saying these movies may be another reason to have some kind of Hulu subscription.

Overall, I'm in favor of this new ad-free tier. To me it makes Hulu a lot more compelling (the worst thing about the ads on Hulu now is that you see the same ad over and over and over) and as long as you manage your subscription and 'turn it down' or put it on hold when you're not actively using the service heavily, it seems like a good value to me. Near-current TV with no ads for $12/month feels very fair. 


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