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Kantara Initiative for Internet identity launched ? but who cares?

Graham Titterington | June 22, 2009
The Kantara Initiative is a not-for-profit organisation set up to bridge the web identity initiatives.

Kantara is a forum for discussion and coordination between identity initiatives. It recognises that the pressing need now is for more communication between workers in the field. It will not require groups to pay into it before they can contribute to discussions, but subscribing members will obviously have more powers. It will sponsor a much wider range of interoperability initiatives. This will include continuation of the Liberty Alliances work on model contracts between identity sharers, and other business-focused work. It will also continue geographically-focused work, such as Libertys Japan Group.

Dont bet your business on Kantara yet

The collective membership of Kantara has the power to make things happen, but it is unclear to what extent the member organisations as a whole are committed to Kantara. The market will coalesce around initiatives that appear to be succeeding. Nothing succeeds like success will be the guiding motto in this field. However, at present Kantaras leaders appear to be too inward looking. As the organisation gets into its stride it must actively promote its assets. Kantara will have to work hard to generate commercial backing and momentum for whatever infrastructures it develops, precisely because of the business difficulties of sharing identities.

Graham Titterington is a principal analyst at Ovum, specialising in IT security and business continuity.


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