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Microsoft and Google's 5 most ridiculous fights

David Daw | Aug. 5, 2011
Google and Microsoft's new patent fight is so childish, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

While the Microsoft video may seem like an unnecessary provocation, it was probably released in response to Google's own recent video efforts to discredit Hotmail and get anyone on earth that hasn't seen the gMail light to switch camps. While Google did at least release its video officially, company officials made a few below the belt attacks of their own, the video calls Hotmail "embarrassingly out of date" and compares it to the floppy disk and the hair scrunchy. Of course depending on who you ask that might be an apt comparison.

Secure Reputations-2006 to 2011

Michal Zalewski is a well-known white hat hacker who has published security flaws in IE as far back as 2006. Zalewski's security advisories are almost always accurate, and they often seem to catch Microsoft and Mozilla off guard. Naturally Microsoft has pushed back against Zalewski's claims a lot over the years and it has publicly stated on more than one occasion that Zalewski's release of this information to the public where hackers can access it makes IE users less safe.
Microsoft seemed happy to fight him but Google had another idea: It hired the guy. Zalewski is now a full-fledged Google engineer, and he still was publishing security vulnerabilities as recently as this January. Microsoft, naturally, enjoys Zalewski's security advice even less now that it's coming from an employee of one of its biggest competitors.

This year's IE security exploit released on January 1st turned into a full-on he said/she said war between Zalewski and IE's security team because naturally the most important thing after a security exploit is discovered is to make sure everybody knows it was your competitor's fault.

Patently Absurd--2011

Of course we can't leave without one last mention of the pair's latest and greatest battle. Google lawyer David Drummond claimed that Microsoft is determined to destroy the Android platform using needless lawsuits over "bogus patents."

Even though the Google patent dispute already made the company look bad. Microsoft, naturally, had to tell everyone its own side of the story.

In just two days this month, Microsoft and Google have fired back and forth on the issue of software patents multiple times. An already boring issue quickly morphed into an argument about the minutia of both company's patent histories. The whole thing would make even the most enthusiastic lawyer take a cat-nap.

The only way it could get more ridiculous is if Microsoft challenged the search giant's recent patent on "Google Doodles." Who knows though, maybe that's the next step in the long ridiculous war between these two companies?
What's your favorite petty squabble between these two tech giants? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


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