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Microsoft speeds up IE10 Flash patching, matches Google

Gregg Keizer | Oct. 9, 2012
Adobe today issued a surprise update for Flash Player that patched 25 critical vulnerabilities in the ubiquitous media software.

The continued abruptness of Flash updates left a sour taste in Storms' mouth.

"These half-policies and half-practices cause confusion," Storms argued. "They're disjointed. When [the Flash Player] update appeared today, I thought, 'It must be a zero-day' because there was no warning."

Adobe said that it was not aware of any in-the-wild exploits now leveraging the vulnerabilities patched today.

"Ordinarily, it would have been fine to wait to patch this until tomorrow," said Storms, again referring to Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. "It probably would have happened tomorrow, but Google forced the hand of Adobe." Windows 8 users can obtain today's Flash update for IE10 via the Windows Update service, as well as through the enterprise-grade WSUS (Windows Server Update Services).

So far this year, Adobe has issued eight Flash updates: One in February; two in March; one each in May and June; two in August; and one in October.


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