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Netflix on Linux: How to get it today, and why it's such a pain

Chris Hoffman | Sept. 25, 2014
Rejoice! Netflix now works on Linux with no Wine shenanigans required. All it takes to start watching Netflix on Linux right now is Chrome and a quick user agent tweak--and even that won't be necessary soon.

Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari now support Encrypted Media Extensions, but this feature has proven controversial over at Mozilla. After attempting to push back against this technology, Mozilla is now working on it. They've announced plans to support encrypted media extensions while allowing each user to choose to disable it (which would prevent sites like Netflix from working, of course). Firefox will also surround the closed-source DRM plug-ins in an open-source wrapper. Read more about Mozilla's plans for this DRM technology here.

Long story short: Mozilla is working on it, but they need more time. Firefox on Linux should eventually be able to play Netflix, too. But for now, Firefox lovers can use Chrome as a dedicated Netflix browser.


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