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Only one-third of Singaporeans spend more than 16 hours online a week, outside of work

Anuradha Shukla | March 29, 2017
They are mostly online to shop, unlike their counterparts in the Philippines who spend the most time online on social networks, according to Limelight Networks' survey.

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Singaporeans ranked the lowest in terms of time spent online outside of work compared to their Southeast Asian counterparts, according to Limelight Networks' annual State of the User Experience - South East Asia report.

Only 35 percent of Singaporeans spend 16 hours or more online per week, as compared to the Philippines (47 percent), Malaysia (42 percent), and Thailand (38 percent).

The survey also reveald that 43 percent of SEA consumers will often abandon a site that loads slowly, and switch to a competitor's site to make a purchase. However, majority of consumers (77 percent) in the region would return to a slowly performing website to give it another chance.

The 1,600 consumers polled also expect a personalised web experience, and said that such experience positively impacts their perception of the brand.

"Our new research shows that nearly half of adult consumers in Southeast Asia are online 16 hours or more each week, outside of work, and they have high expectations for website performance, especially when it comes to e-commerce," said Jaheer Abbas, Regional Sales Director at Limelight Networks. "Nearly everyone surveyed said that they're likely to recommend a brand to a friend if they have a positive web experience, and on the flip side, that they'll leave and go to a competitor if it isn't a good experience."


What are millennials doing online?

Filipinos spend the most time on social networks. Those in Thailand spend the most time online watching video content, while Singaporeans are mainly online to shop.

Thailand users prefer a desktop computer as a secondary device, compared to their SEA counterparts that use a laptop instead.

Even though nearly a quarter (24 percent) of Singaporean consumers employ social media to find online coupons while shopping, they have the least desire for a personalised web experience as compared to their SEA counterparts.

Personalised web experiences were ranked as very important in all countries, but were slightly less so in Singapore.

People in the Philippines spend the most time online closely followed by those in Malaysia. In Thailand, millennials are online the least, with 34 percent online 16 hours or more a week, compared to 42 percent for all other age groups. 


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