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Should you cut the cord? A guide to decide for 2015

Jared Newman | Jan. 22, 2015
Given the tagline at the top of this column, you might think I'm a diehard cord-cutting advocate. But while I personally abandoned cable TV years ago, and hope the trend of others doing the same will bring lower prices and more choice to everyone, I don't think it's the best solution for everyone.

How tech-savvy are you?

Being good with gadgets and software isn't a requirement for cutting the cord, but it can help expand your options. You might, for instance, want to set up a Plex server to stream downloaded movies and shows on all your devices, or build a Windows home-theater PC with a built-in tuner, or install a Tablo or HD Home Run for recording for over-the-air broadcasts. Or on a more basic level, you could set up a Chromebox to maximize your free Web video options.

Now what do you think of cutting the cord?

These questions weren't designed to solicit simple yes-or-no answers. My objective was to help you understand the pros and cons of cutting the cord, so that you could make as informed a decision as possible. Cutting the cord gets easier every day; but as I said up to, that doesn't mean everyone should cut the cord. 


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