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Tips for finding top IT talent on LinkedIn

Rich Hein | Feb. 27, 2013
LinkedIn, the popular social network, recently announced that it had more than 200 million members. As the professional network continues to grow, more recruiters and employers are using the social network to tap IT talent--both those actively looking as well as those who aren't.

Work with Us Ads - Allows employers to buy ad space on their employee's profiles. "The number one activity on LinkedIn is looking at profiles. So in that moment of natural curiosity we are able to market our openings to the people viewing," says Nathanson.

Career Page - There is a free and paid version available. The free option is like a basic company page. Using the paid version however, you can post jobs, videos, employee testimonials, as well as, messaging and branding.

LinkedIn will not release pricing info regarding the services discussed here. It is in the process of revamping its pricing structure and available services, according to Roulades. Other sites have reported the cost for Recruiter runs about $7,000 a year to start and, according to an unnamed LinkedIn rep, that corporate packages can cost as much as $80,000 a year.

When comparing that to the cost of an IT recruiter, who can make upwards of 15-30 percent of the hiring position's annual salary, this may be out of the reach of many small businesses but when you're talking about C-level executives with six figure salaries those numbers could sound like a bargain.


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