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Will Asia-born glomp! social media platform take off?

Madura McCormack | Dec. 17, 2012
Take a look at the new concept that involves 'treating' friends within the network as a form of interaction

Set to launch sometime in the third week of December, glomp! is an online social media platform developed by Zachary Lai, an Australian who has worked in Singapore for the past 11 years.

glomp! arrives at a time where the community is ripe with well established social media sites from the likes of Facebook to Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. The social media site aims to break out into the saturated market with a new concept which involves touching base with other users via 'treating' them with gifts.

"Treating between friends is an age old thing the world over. It is a gesture of appreciation and helps to warm the relationship. Now that we connect digitally more than in any other way and don't always have the chance to meet in the flesh, glomp! fulfils this gap by enabling treating digitally," said Zachary Lai, founder and managing director of glomp!.

How it works

Register a glomp! account and connect to friends already on the glomp! network or invite them via Facebook.

Users will then select a 'treat' from products available at the recipients location, pay via credit card and the recipient will then enjoy the 'treat' at their nearest or preferred partner outlet.

The recipient will receive a voucher on their smartphone app or via SMS and will also be notified on their email.

"glomp! is about the positivity and enjoyment of sharing and giving," explained Lai.

According to the statement, glomp! believes it is 'cooler' to treat friends to something tangible rather than sending a message, sharing a video or liking their posts on other social media sites.

In Singapore specifically, glomp! purchasable items will range between S$5 and S$20.

"glomp! products are selected based on a number of key factors. They must be of quality. They must be of an enjoyable nature. And they are all of a 'casual' spend level," said Lai.

For the sceptical

glomp! will launch first as a mobile configured website in Singapore and Hong Kong, and according to the company, they are working on an iOS and Android app to follow 'shortly'. A Windows 8 app is in the works as well. The application will be free.

With relation to merchant partners, the statement quoted bakery Cedele, ice cream franchise Häagen-Dazs and eatery Le Noir in time for the launch.

"Many more are scheduled to come on board and we expect to have in excess of 50 brands in Singapore by the end of Q1 2013," according to Lai.

While launch will be limited to Singapore and Hong Kong initially, glomp! hopes to hit the US and UK in Q1 2013.

According to founder Zachary Lai, digital connectivity is not only about convenience but the ability to share and the immediacy behind it all.


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