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BT scores with major US mining firm

Veronica C. Silva | April 12, 2012
For the US$220 million contract, BT will build Anglo American's global 'intelligent' network.

BT has recently scored a multimillion-dollar deal that will hook up Anglo American's locations worldwide into an "intelligent network".

British Telecommunications (BT) said the global managed networked IT services contract will involve deploying the BT Connect Applications service at Anglo American's 65 locations around the world. It also includes global Internet access, with a secure remote access solution for mobile workers.

The five-year, US$220 million contract will also see BT deploying its BT Connect portfolio of "intelligent" networking solutions to meet Anglo American's requirements in 15 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, including remote mining areas.

The network implementation will see Anglo American using different networking technologies, such as Ethernet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), satellite and microwave access.

Mining operations

Anglo American is a large diversified mining company with headquarters in the UK and stocks listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges. As a global company, its staff from locations worldwide need to communicate often to ensure efficiency in operations.

To facilitate seamless communication and to cut communications costs, Anglo American will be deploying BT's One Voice converged communications platform, which pools together all of Anglo American voice services onto a single platform. The BT platform can also simplify management and provide collaborative services such as IP Telephony (IPT) to be provided.

The managed services contract also includes managed phone and Web conferencing, video conferencing at 130 sites as well as six fully managed telepresence solutions at four major sites. 

"BT has helped us bring together our remote operations so we can truly leverage our global scale and reapply best practice from wherever it is created to wherever it is needed. We look forward to continuing our mutually respectful and beneficial relationship," said Mike Bowden, group chief information officer and head of shared services, Anglo American.

Bowden added that the partnership with BT is "mutually respectful" and beneficial to both parties.

Global operations

Bas Burger, president, global commerce, BT Global Services, noted that the specifics of the contract are what companies such as Anglo American need to simplify global business processes and maintain operational efficiencies.

"In the current economy, customers are driving for leaner production processes, optimised supply chain operations, accelerated rate of innovation and improved collaboration with suppliers and customers on a global scale. Our portfolio of services and our investments in growing economies across Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa are designed to support the strategy of global organisations such as Anglo American," Burger continued.

The new contract also specifies that BT becomes Anglo American's global supplier of choice for network hardware equipment.


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