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Converging landline and mobile phones for business

Jared Heng | July 4, 2008
A leading telco launches one number system.

SINGAPORE, 4 July 2008 -- Orange Business Services has launched a fixed-mobile convergence solution that seamlessly integrates mobile and office phones. As the key brand of leading telecommunications operator France Telecom, Orange has a global customer base.

Unik for corporate (Unik) allows organisations to contact employees anywhere by dialing one number, which rings their office and mobile phones simultaneously. Voice messages also go to one mailbox for user convenience.

The solution is designed for businesses with more than 200 employees, and can support thousands of users with availability in over 200 countries, according to Orange.

Business benefits

Orange claims that Unik lowers cost for organisations because international mobile calls can be routed through the IP PBX over Business Talk Global, Oranges' international voice network. Hence, organisations may avoid paying high international rates to their mobile phone providers.

Additionally, employees can collaborate regardless of physical location and access various call features through a user-friendly menu, raising productivity, Orange says.

By improving an employee's responsiveness to important customer calls while the staff is away from office, relationships with clients are expected to improve. Orange also claims that should an employee leave the organisation, customers' calls will continue to reach the office and not the person who left.


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