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Silver Peak optimises WAN for Sinaramas Sekuritas

Anuradha Shukla | Oct. 17, 2011
Indonesian financial services firm deploys the Silver Peak NX-3000 appliance in its data centre in Jakarta.

Indonesian financial services firm Sinarmas Sekuritas is leveraging Silver Peak data centre class WAN optimisation between remote branch offices and the data centre in Jakarta.

Sinarmas Sekuritas wanted application reliability and performance over the wide area network (WAN) in order to swiftly execute customer transactions across more than 40 distributed offices.

But the financial services firm was not sure about the reliability of applications due to poor quality and packet loss issues inherent with multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) WAN connections throughout Indonesia.

This challenge was addressed by Silver Peak data centre class WAN optimisation. Sinarmas Sekuritas also depends on a 20 megabit-per-second (Mbps) MPLS WAN connection to its headquarters in Jakarta.

It is also leveraging 1 Mbps WAN connections to its smaller branch offices throughout Indonesia.

Both the 20 Mbps and 1 Mbps connections support e-trading and collaboration applications for Sinarmas Sekuritas.

Elimination of packet loss

Sinarmas Sekuritas deployed the Silver Peak NX-3000 appliance in its data centre in Jakarta and NX-1000 appliances in its branch offices to overcome the poor WAN integrity.

In addition to eliminating packet loss, the Silver Peak appliances significantly improved the reliability of the Sinarmas Sekuritas WAN infrastructure and critical e-trading application.

Thanks to Silver Peak, the financial services firm has experienced improved branch user efficiency with faster response times and benefits from more reliable access to applications.

"Silver Peak does not care how files are named, when files are updated, or how they are transferred across the WAN-they optimise it all," said Hermawan Hosein, CTO at Sinarmas Sekuritas. "By eliminating packet loss and preventing unnecessary data round-trips for entire files or datasets across our existing WAN, we have saved IT costs by avoiding any new investment in WAN infrastructure. Silver Peak is also helping us improve customer satisfaction and allowing us to serve more customers without having to add more bandwidth."


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