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Tata Communications' new global Content Delivery Network service

Zafar Anjum | Sept. 9, 2008
First truly global CDN service, claims Tata's technology partner BitGravity

SINGAPORE, 9 SEPTEMBER 2008 Indian telecom giant Tata Communications and Burlingame, California-based BitGravity, have launched Tata Communications' global CDN service.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is defined as a system of computers, networked together across the Internet, that cooperate transparently to deliver content most often for the purpose of improving performance, scalability, and cost efficiency, to end users.

With more than 300 points of presence worldwide, Tata Communications now offers the first truly global CDN service on a state of the art, single ASN global IP network throughout Europe, Asia, North America and India, said a BitGravity spokesperson.

BitGravity is an award-winning technology provider in the content delivery space which claims to have built the first CDN for Interactive Broadcasting.

Tata Communications made BitGravity a strategic partner in March 2008, investing US$11.5 million in convertible debt in BitGravity.

High performance and reliable technology

According to the interactive broadcasting company, Tata Communications' next-generation CDN service, powered by BitGravity's technology, delivers the highest performance and reliability in the industry. It provides immediate access to content, including High-Definition Video, without delay or jitter, and the highest levels of throughput for end users. Other notable features of the system include fast forwarding, cache clearing, resolution switching and rate throttling, said company sources.

Video will soon become over 80 per cent of the traffic on the Internet and content delivery will become strategic for every carrier, said Berge Avayzian, chief strategy officer of Yankee Group. Carriers without a CDN strategy will inevitably become insignificant and will lose the economy of scale required to be competitive. This is a strategic endeavor for both Tata Communications and BitGravity and sends a bold message to the global CDN market.


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