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Tech Ad Watch: CTIA makes dumb, poorly-staged video to protest Title II

Jon Gold | Feb. 6, 2015
Thanks to apparent coming of Net Neutrality/Title II regulations for the wireless industry, however, CTIA has come out with a half-hearted whimper of advocacy.

Flaccid attempt at a Howard Cosell impression? Check. Long stretches of nothing changing on the screen while that Cosell impersonator reads arcane parts of the Communications Act of 1934? Check! What about more of that, only with mischaracterized readings from judicial rulings on the subject? You know it!

Particularly funny is the fact that this spot highlights the certainty of litigation as a downside of Title II regulation as though it's the FCC that's going to sue the expensive suit pants off of the wireless companies, and not the other way around.

The ad, in truth, reads sort of like a threat once you get past the grimly tortured football metaphor and seas of legalistic nonsense, it essentially says that the FCC should just be a good little agency and take the meek way out by opting for largely toothless Section 706 regulations instead of Title II. Otherwise, isn't it a shame, all this bad stuff is going to happen to the mobile Internet.

For a threat, though, it's pretty laughable. If your big finish is having the Howard Cosell impersonator say "preserve an open Internet in a manner that promotes continued innovation and investment across the Internet economy," over the course of an interminable 10 seconds, it's about as convincing as Pete Carroll's late-game offensive play calling.


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