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The New IP: Network for the third platform

Zafirah Salim | Jan. 30, 2015
Brocade’s Head of Products, Software Networking Business, Ashwin Krishnan, explains how the Brocade Vyatta Controller, based on OpenDaylight, is a great first step towards the New IP – and a key part of the Brocade open networking.

Brocade Vyatta Controller - a great first step towards the New IP

In September last year, Brocade introduced the Brocade Vyatta Controller as a keystone product in its Software-Defined Networking (SDN) portfolio and the next step toward delivering on the customer benefits of its open networking platform strategy. In fact, the name 'Vyatta' in itself means 'open' in Sanskrit.

This SDN controller is built continuously from the OpenDaylight Project, a community-led open source initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption of SDN and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in order to provide levels of agility and efficiency not possible in traditional IP networking.

"The Brocade Vyatta Controller is one solution that can help the network unlock innovation and adapt to the demand-driven world," said Krishnan.

By introducing open source into the SDN equation, customers are free to innovate on their own, or they can partner with the vibrant OpenDaylight community to develop new capabilities that modern networks require.

Krishnan emphasized that the company is committed to OpenDaylight, adding that "Brocade to OpenDaylight is like Red Hat is to Linux".

"The transformation that we are seeing in network architectures is really one of closed versus open - it's not so much of whether you believe in open or not, it's really the ability to give choice," he said. "The fact that you now have a choice, you have the freedom to choose a vendor that is best suited and not be locked down. The comfort level is that you are not handcuffed anymore."

"The way we position our Brocade Vyatta Controller to our customers is that you can replace it with any OpenDaylight-compliant controller. Our competitors such as Cisco and VMware can't say that," he added.

According to a 2014 GigaOm Research titled "SDN, NFV and open source: the operators view," a majority of organisations interested in open-source SDN want to get the technology from a commercial provider to lower their adoption risks and ensure that they receive reliable support. This finding supports a key part of the Brocade approach to open-source SDN.

Nurturing an 'open and agile' SDN

Alongside the workshop, Brocade also announced that it is offering a free one-year license for the Brocade Vyatta Controller, in a bid to reinforce its commitment to helping customers accelerate their journey to open and agile SDN.

Available as a free download starting Jan 23, the Brocade Vyatta Controller allows enterprises and service providers to explore and vet their SDN use cases without investing in expensive and time-consuming hardware acquisitions or software integrations.

The free license provides management of up to five physical or virtual network nodes in a non-production environment and includes 60 days of free 24/7 worldwide access to the Brocade Technical Assistance Centre.


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