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The Untapped Value of Increasing Your Network Visibility

Richard Pain | Nov. 6, 2017
By analysing network traffic patterns and volume, enterprises can engage customers better, from improving application to adjusting bandwidth availability during peak engagement periods.

Other benefits include the ability to track the performance of applications both internal and external to your network, you can identify which applications are consuming the most network resources, as well as identifying the top talker sites and IP/users.

SD-WAN allows all this by adding an overlay network to the hybrid-WAN, with the objective being to optimise the performance of the applications transported over the WAN by dynamically selecting the best available path to reach the destination (so, differently from a hybrid WAN where the path is not predefined). This optimisation feature is provided by a central controller that monitors the health of the end-to-end connectivity in real time. But crucially what makes this all possible, is the increased network visibility, a critical feature that is integral to NTT Com's SD-WAN solution.


Enhance Your Competitive Edge with the Leading SD-WAN Provider


The real-time streaming network analytics feature is the foundation of NTT Coms' recently launched NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio, the world's first SD-WAN platform with coverage spanning over 190 countries.

The leading global ICT solution provider has set a new industry benchmark by becoming the world's first global provider to deploy a 100 percent software defined network framework, offering a rich suite of SD-WAN services for global and regional enterprises. This comprehensive portfolio enables enterprises to leverage on innovative solutions which enhance business productivity.

As the workplace becomes increasingly mobile and cloud-based, digital flexibility is vital when connecting people to applications around the world. The NTT platform is based on a ground-breaking architecture that is locally distributed around the world via 75+ local cloud centres. It supports all types of underlying network technologies, including MPLS, Internet broadband and 4G/LTE. Therefore, enterprises have the option of mixing and matching various types of connectivity at different branch offices, depending on what works best for them at that specific location.

This flexibility in regionally customising requirements to get the best speed and application performance provides enterprises with an extra edge which makes all the difference in today's highly competitive markets. 

The NTT platform also supports the delivery of services from customer premises equipment located at customer branch offices. Businesses can rapidly add sites and change configurations from a central point. Such agility speeds up implementation, while centralised control over the network ensures adherence to business and security policies.

The challenge for CIOs in transforming their enterprises is to find solutions that simplify their increasingly complex IT environment. Also, as the sources and volume of network data increases, enterprises will want to take greater advantage of that data and capitalise on its value. SD-WAN, with its inherent capabilities and real-time network analytics provided by NTT Com, is the ideal technology solution with which to achieve these objectives.


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