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Top security software, 2017: How cutting-edge products fare against the latest threats

John Breeden II | Nov. 20, 2017
We go hands-on with some of the most innovative, useful and, arguably, best security tools from today's most important cybersecurity technology categories.



Category: Endpoint security

Every organization can use a little help managing their detection and response of threats, and the many issues that crop up every day within their enterprise. Promisec can provide that help, wrestling endpoints into compliance, automatically if desired, and keeping a watchful eye over them to ensure they stay that way. It can act as a force multiplier for large organizations with mature cybersecurity architectures, or as a perfect first step for smaller and medium-sized companies discovering that their size is no defense against threats and regulatory concerns. Read more...



Category: Network security

When CSO's sister site Network World conducted its firewall manager review, the original plan was to invite RedSeal to participate. The problem was that while RedSeal originally did manage firewalls, their product has now evolved into something else. RedSeal shares some similarities to firewall managers, but is now in a separate, unique product group. We tested the RedSeal appliance to see where it fits into cybersecurity defenses. Read more...



Category: Traffic analysis

SecBI's new software aims to eliminate two of the problems with using traffic analysis in cybersecurity: volume processing of data for actionable threat intelligence and a reliance on network trapping hardware. Here's how it works.


Category: Traffic monitoring

Sqrrl Data turns network traffic monitoring into a true threat hunting platform that is easily capable of unmasking advanced threats that many other programs miss — or fail to identify as the grave threat they truly are. Learn more...



Category: Managed detection

There is no shortage of threat feeds available today. Subscribing to just the publicly available, free feeds, can net an organization thousands of reports per day. Subscribing to paid ones could potentially provide more targeted information, but the data is no less complicated to manage. Adding a tool like ThreatConnect, which can bridge the gap between theoretical threat information and the real world, is an invaluable tool for managing and optimizing detection and response capabilities. Read more...



Category: Cloud security

The vArmour suite of tools is designed, first, to reestablish a software perimeter internally and then to hone the rules and policies that make up that backbone, delving all the way into the realm of micro segmentation. Read more...



Category: Container security

Waratek is entering this space from a completely different angle compared to other container security firms, relying on just-in-time compiling and focusing exclusively on one of the biggest security risks within most organizations, applications running Java. Coming to the security space from the prospect of compiler engineers gives the Waratek software a unique flavor and approach that has been overlooked and unexplored by most other companies. Read more...


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