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10 ways to use iTunes contextual menus

Kirk McElhearn, | April 27, 2011
Many iTunes users not only don't realize how powerful the program's contextual menu is, but also may not even know it's there. Here are some cool things you can do with iTunes' contextual menu.


5. Use Ping

If you’re a Ping user (I’m sure there are still a few of you out there), you can like a song, or post about it, from the contextual menu. You can also show an artist profile, if one is available. If you choose Post, iTunes displays a window where you can post comments; it doesn’t take you to the Ping screen, so you can post without interrupting your listening. (Note that if you don’t have a Ping account, or have hidden Ping in iTunes’ General preferences, these menu items won’t display in the contextual menu.)


6. Show a track in the Finder

Do you want to see the actual file for anything in your iTunes library? Choose Show In Finder and a Finder window pops open with the item selected.


7. Get album artwork

If you don’t have artwork for the currently selected track(s), choose the Get Album Artwork menu item to tell iTunes to check on the iTunes Store for artwork. If Apple doesn’t sell that music, or your tags don’t match those in the iTunes Store, it might not find artwork. For more of dealing with album art, see our recent article, “Spiffy up your music with album artwork”.


8. Reset play counts

iTunes records the number of times you play each track. We’ve written about how you can use play counts (or plays) in smart playlists. Select one or more tracks, then choose Reset Plays from the contextual menu to zero out the play counts of those tracks.


9. Add tracks to a playlist

Select one or more tracks then, from the contextual menu, choose Add To Playlist. This leads to a sub-menu showing all your playlists (normal playlists only, not smart playlists). Choose a playlist, and iTunes will add the selected track(s) to the end of that playlist.


10. Show which playlists a track is in

Unsure if you added a song to a playlist? If you choose Show In Playlist for a track, you’ll see, in the sub-menu, which playlists contain that track. However, there are limits to this. If you have folders in the iTunes sidebar for your playlists, this will show the folders and the playlists within them. If you have selected the track from a playlist —that is, not from your Music library—this menu won’t show the currently active playlist. It will, however, show the folder containing that playlist (--Temp in the screenshot.)


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