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Bugs & Fixes: Using iTunes' Restore From Backup command

Ted Landau, | May 21, 2011
Restore from Backup is a little-known troubleshooting asset that can prove useful in a variety of situations. Ted Landau tells you why the command should definitely be in your troubleshooting arsenal.

Imagine you’re having some odd problem with your iPhone. You check Apple Support for possible solutions and they recommend launching the Settings app, navigating to General ->

Reset and tapping “Reset All Settings.” Dutifully, you do so. Unfortunately, it does not eradicate your symptom. So now you’re left with your original problem plus an iPhone with all of its non-default settings gone.

Let’s say you soon find a simple fix for the original problem or decide to ignore it for the moment. Of greater concern now is getting all your deleted settings back. How can you do this with the least amount of hassle?

One option would be to redo the settings manually, assuming you even remember what they all were. Not a happy prospect. A second choice would be to do a complete restore of your iPhone. While this should work, it’s time-consuming, requiring that all your apps and media (music, video, photos) be erased and copied back to the phone. There’s a better way. You guessed it: Use Restore from Backup. This restores “settings” but without requiring the recopying of media and apps. I’ve used Restore from Backup for this purpose on several occasions. It works great.


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