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Guest View: Businesses in Asia at risk of cyber attack and reduced competitiveness

Vincent Wong | Jan. 6, 2014
There are two significant issues business owners need to be aware of: security and productivity.

Windows 7 and 8 delivers enhanced security, mobility, productivity and flexibility. There are so many great reasons to get modern:

  • Keep your valuable information secure
  • Be productive wherever you go
  • Get the most out of your work day
  • Enjoy the best way to work - on the beach, in the office, wherever that is for you

Arguments for upgrading software are compellingly simple - why settle for decade-old technology when there are clear advancements and significant productivity and collaboration gains in Windows 8 and Office 2013? It's not as difficult or expensive as you may think. All you need is to make an assessment of your company's current technology assets and develop a plan to proactively upgrade hardware and software on a regular basis. In the long run, this will enhance employee productivity and eliminate the fear of old technology slowing or disrupting your business operations. There's also an added bonus - greater employee morale, as they get to engage at the cutting-edge of this modern world.

The wtiter is Director, Small & Mid-Market Solutions & Partners Group, Microsoft Singapore.


[1] Measured in accordance to 32-bit versions of operating systems

[2] Source: Gartner: The Big Migration: Windows 7 and Office 2010



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