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Hands-on with Amazon's Mac software store

Dan Frakes, | May 27, 2011
Amazon’s Mac software store offers some benefits, but falls short of Apple’s Mac App Store

With the Mac App Store already open and thriving, though, Amazon’s Mac-software store feels a bit primitive—in terms of the software selection, the installation and update processes, and the terms and conditions applied to your purchases. It’s more convenient than buying software on CD or DVD, and Amazon has added some titles you can’t buy as downloads anywhere else, but it currently can’t match the convenience, flexibility, or variety of the Mac App Store.

Here’s hoping Amazon’s Mac software selection grows quickly and the company can streamline its software installation process. At the very least, an improved Amazon store would be a place for all that great Mac software that Apple’s store simply won’t allow. At best, it would give developers and users a compelling alternative to the Mac App Store for selling and buying software. And it would bring the “app store” experience to more Mac users, which would benefit developers, users, and the Mac platform alike.


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