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Windows 10 users beg Microsoft for more info on updates

Gregg Keizer | Sept. 15, 2015
Patch expert kicks off petition on Microsoft's own feature request forum.

Others have made different arguments than Bradley about why they need more information. They want more warning of changes, don't care for the whole less-not-more-information-and-control kick that Microsoft's on, and say they need specifics in case an update goes south and they have to roll back the modifications.

Most of those reasons fly in the face of reality for consumers running Windows 10 Home because they cannot defer most updates or even uninstall them once they're on the device.

But those running or managing other editions, including Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise, have options consumers don't, primarily patch management systems like WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), that provide more flexibility and can defer specific updates for months before Microsoft shuts off the security patch spigot.

Comments appended to Bradley's petition were overwhelmingly supportive, with many appealing to Microsoft's business sense.

"Adequate information is a requirement not simply for troubleshooting, but for convincing clientele that upgrading to [Windows] 10 is the best step," asserted someone identified only as "Dogtamer" on User Voice. "Sans proper documentation, it's a difficult proposition to convince many clients."

"The lack of patching information is probably the number one reason keeping us from moving to Windows 10," added Jonathan Link.

"Any conscientious admin should know what will be installed prior to initiating the change. Microsoft is on thin ice here," contended someone pegged simply as "opa."

"I can't believe that it's come to this, I really can't," said "rseller" on the thread. "We're actually put in the position of begging for information from knowledge base articles!"

Microsoft has hinted it may disclose more information about its Windows 10 updates. "We've heard that feedback from enterprise customers so we're actively working on how we provide them with information about what's changing and what new capabilities and new value they're getting," said Jim Alkove of the Windows group in a press-only briefing around the time Bradley posted the petition.

Alkove did not provide a timetable and limited the company's information largess to enterprise customers. It's unclear whether the latter meant that only those running Windows 10 Enterprise would get additional information, or whether the policy, if enacted, would include devices powered by Windows 10 Pro, which is available to consumers as well as businesses.

Microsoft is still cranking out detailed descriptions in its security "bulletins," the documents that accompany the monthly updates known as "Patch Tuesday." However, that is probably due more to the fact that the bulletins also apply to older editions, whose users are accustomed to more, not less, information, than any concession to Windows 10.

No Win 10 information for you
Windows 10's updates are documented in language so terse that users have taken to begging Microsoft for more information about what they're installing. Click on image to enlarge.


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