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Windows 10’s biggest controversies

Howard Wen | June 28, 2016
Here are seven controversies that have been stirred up by Microsoft’s latest OS.

7. Third-party programs disappear after installing a new build of Windows 10

If after you install a new build of Windows 10, and you notice that one or more of your favorite programs are missing, you’re not imagining things. Apparently this is an intentional feature at the moment: Installing a new build of Windows 10 will sometimes uninstall programs that the OS considers “incompatible” or “outdated,” without notifying the user. Ostensibly, this could also be a security feature meant to take out programs that could be malware.

However, legitimate programs that have been reported by users to have disappeared after installing the latest build of Windows 10 include popular utilities like CCleaner, CPU-Z, HWMonitor and Speccy. And most of these programs still work normally on Windows 10 when they’re re-installed. (To clarify, this automatic removal of certain programs may happen whenever a new “build” of Windows 10 is installed, not when an “update” is installed.

The difference between the two is that an update consists of bug fixes and security patches applied to the version of Windows 10 already installed on a computer. A build is a new version of Windows 10 that has more in-depth changes to the OS’ codebase and may add new features: Installing a newer build entirely replaces the older version of Windows 10 running on the computer.)

Suggestion to Microsoft: Alert and ask the user if they want to let a new build of Windows 10 remove certain programs already installed on their current Windows 10 setup, and maintain a better list of which programs are “bad” or “good” (legit programs).


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