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SmartCity Tracker: How Malaysia's MIMOS and China's Huawei will address public safety gaps across Asia

AvantiKumar | Sept. 13, 2017
Malaysia's national ICT research agency MIMOS and Huawei explain why they have signed a partnership agreement that will feed into Digital Malaysia.

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  A new move announced in Shanghai between Malaysia's national ICT research agency MIMOS with Chinese IT giant Huawei will help to feed into Digital Malaysia's smart infrastructure ambitions.

MIMOS' new chief executive officer Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim explained some of the significance behind this memorandum of agreement, which was signed on 8 September 2017.

Ahmad Rizan said the latest agreement with Huawei is intended to identify gaps in public safety and smart city projects across the Asian region.

He said the reason behind this step is rapid growth. "As our cities continue to expand in size and complexity, there is an increasing need for technology and innovative solutions to keep our infrastructure, services and citizens safe and protected."

Mimos and Huawei MOU Signing

Photo: The Signing in Shanghai

 How it will work
Both organisations will develop solutions through Huawei's Openlab and MIMOS' Open Innovation Platform. 
The partnership will include an "exchange of intelligence to develop technology solutions" using both Huawei's Openlab and MIMOS' Open Innovation Platform as well as research and development into public safety.

"It is important that these solutions will help citizens and authorities to detect, mitigate and prevent safety issues," said Ahmad Rizan. "We are working towards investing in smart public safety initiatives in the region. Partnerships with ICT giants like Huawei contribute to the broader Smart City initiative." 

Abraham Liu Kang, chief executive officer of Huawei Malaysia, said, "Public safety has become a growing concern for cities and a top priority for governments worldwide. This is inspired Huawei to develop innovative solutions, which can help contribute to better public safety."

Liu said, "By bringing in modern day solutions that work on networks of connected devices, we intend to work with governments to safeguard their business and tourism environments."

"We also recognise the important role MIMOS plays in identifying and generating solutions," he continued. "We look forward to strengthening our partnership with MIMOS by introducing new and more Huawei technologies and sharing best practices in an effort to jointly develop innovative smart city solutions."

"We will combine cloud platforms and intelligent analytics to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of authorities in their role of ensuring a safe environment for the public," Liu added. "The implementation of newer tools would improve public services in crime-fighting, reducing response time to emergencies and enhancing overall public perception. No matter where we are, we are always helping to create a more liveable environment."

Digital Malaysia: inclusion

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 Huawei's involvement with Digital Malaysia's ambitions includes supporting talent development such as the iLearning Cloud with University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) as well as supporting initiatives to build ICT (See - Huawei undertakes to help Sabah achieve regional ICT hub vision) and smart city projects (See - Smart City the next big milestone for Malaysia's IT infrastructure: Huawei, Melaka ICT form alliance).

During the company's 2015 Kuala Lumpur roadshow, Liu said: "Digital connectivity and inclusion across urban and rural centres, genders, and economic strata enables countries to attract investment by providing access to skill development and employment opportunities and promoting sustainability."

He confirmed Huawei's commitment to Digital Malaysia, adding: "Innovative ICT infrastructure is fundamental to the digital restructuring of industries and the long-term development of a better connected smart country."
 Huawei first signed an agreement with MIMOS in 2015 in an effort to promote and develop big data analysis and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for industry applications. For the past 16 years, Huawei has remained committed in supporting Malaysia's aspiration to transform into a regional ICT hub. 
Commenting on public safety, Liu had said: "Cities today need effective public safety solutions for incident prevention, emergency response, and evidence collection that address these challenges.  As Malaysia gears up towards its Smart Country vision, it has vast potential to leverage technology for public services and safety of its citizens."
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