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60 turns with Civilization VI: 3 key tweaks will change how you conquer the world

Hayden Dingman | June 28, 2016
We spent 60 turns with Civilization VI, and it's no mere Civ V reskin.

The AI seems a bit finicky at the moment. Yes, in a Civ game. What else is new? Early build woes, I’m sure, but Teddy Roosevelt declared war on me apropos of nothing, midway through my demo—after the devs said he’d probably be friendly towards me. Why did he do it? Because I was a “warmonger.” Keep in mind, at this point I had a grand total of one military unit, and had only fought in self-defense. I was about as big a warmonger as Switzerland.

Bottom line

And then there’s the fact I only played sixty turns—hardly enough time to get started in Civ, let alone get a meaningful grasp on the game’s intricacies. I liked what I saw, but there’s so much more to see it’s hard to know what to make of the game.

Still, it made for a good first impression. Yeah, we did just finish with Civ V, but Civ VI is bringing big changes—as big as the switch to hexes, or the one-unit-per-tile rule. And while I still expect it will take two expansions to get all the kinks out, at least Civilization VI seems more extensive than Civ V was at launch. We’ll keep you updated, as we progress through human history towards the game’s October 21 release.

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