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EMC NAS solution powers up Render Rocket

Veronica C. Silva | Aug. 31, 2011
High demand prompts 3D company to increase storage capacity.

With the digital and entertainment industries responding to public clamour for more 3D effects, a company offering 3D rendering has decided to scale up its storage data capacity. Among the solutions in the market, the company, Render Rocket, has opted for a network attached storage (NAS) solution.

The NAS solution provided by EMC Corporation will support Render Rocket's Cloud-based 3D rendering service. The EMC Scale-out NAS solutions for the job are the Isilon X-Series and NL-Series Platform Nodes, and Isilon's SmartConnect, SmartQuotas and SnapShotIQ software applications, which were implemented by EMC  channel partner GPL Technologies.

Render Rocket's 3D Cloud services help companies minimise their infrastructure costs particularly since 3D effects take up too much of the IT resources. Instead of continually building up render farms, companies working on 3D effects can simply avail of Render Rocket's Cloud services with solutions that can be integrated into their production workflow.

Production companies behind movies such as Spiderman 3, Piranha 3D and Drive Angry required large-scale rendering, and big storage capacity. Render Rocket helped these companies save on upfront infrastructure costs by building in Render Rocket data storage capacity which can be scaled up depending on market demand.

Brian Terrell, Principal, GPL Technologies, said the Isilon solutions in Render Rocket are capable of sustaining rapid data growth and increasing business demand for the long term. These features are crucial as media companies are trying to push the limits of storage technology, "forcing vendors to offer more innovative, scalable solutions and partners to be more creative in designing next generation architectures."

Render Rocket said that by investing in a 3D rendering IT infrastructure, it has seen a rapid rise in demand for its services.

Business demands

"Rendering in film and design is becoming more and more data intensive. By moving to Isilon, we've increased our storage capacity five-fold since last year, and cut labour and management costs by 40 percent," said Tracey Farrar, Vice President of Business Development, Render Rocket. "Our service platform is more robust and more secure, with stronger file security and system redundancy, enabling us to render jobs of any size."

The fact that they are using Isilon, which entertainment and animation studios consider as a reputable company, has also added to the popularity of Render Rocket's services, the 3D company said.

"We've grown 30 percent since 2010, and we keep expanding globally. As a growing cloud business with customers in 30 countries, scalability is very important. With Isilon, dropping in an additional cluster of storage nodes as we grow is a snap, and the additional capacity increases performance speed," said Ruben Perez, CEO, Render Rocket. "Isilon provides us with a powerful solution without unnecessary complexity. It lets us focus on our strengths and our customers, and not worry about tweaking our storage system."

EMC said the NAS solutions in Render Rocket can also be installed in other companies and industries that would like to maximise value from big data.



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