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Samsung T1 External SSD review: Super small, super light, super fast

Jon L. Jacobi | Jan. 21, 2015
Quote: "It overcomes the limits of existing options by dramatically boosting mobility, performance, responsiveness and capacity." Wow. Veteran storage dude and professional cynic that I am, I supposed Samsung's claims for their new T1 external USB 3.0 SSD were hyperbole. Well dye my hair red and call me Harpo--they're not. I want one.

Now for the somewhat bad news. The T1, though average-priced in SSD terms, is still 60 cents a gigabyte. The 250GB version is $179.99, the 500GB is $299.99, and the 1TB model is $599.99. That's far more than a portable hard drive. If you're looking for capacity on the cheap, the venerable spinning platters are still your best bet.

One other complaint. Samsung likes to play games with software such as  the RAPID disk caching that can be used with their internal SSDs. When you first run the T1, you must run a utility that sets up the drive and enables/disables the onboard encryption. No problem. However, I wound up with something called the Samsung Portable SSD Daemon running in the background on my computer. It was located in a subfolder in the Program Data folder area — not where executables are supposed to run from.

Worse, there was no uninstall option. I'm a great believer in less is more when it comes to background applications and this did not make me happy. Stopping the process and deleting it manually solved the issue, but not every user will know how, or feel comfortable doing this. Samsung had no answer about the software at the time this article published.

Rogue software or not, I'd trade any external flash drive I have for a T1. Scratch that. I'd trade all of them and most of my hard drives for a T1. Tiny, light, very fast for USB 3.0...having to carry a cable around with you is a small price to pay for such performance. Small indeed.


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