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TLC NAND SSDs: The crippling problem storage makers don't advertise

Jon L. Jacobi | Nov. 10, 2015
What you need to know about the new breed of SSDs.

For the OCZ Trion (made by Toshiba), the Toshiba Q300, the Crucial BX200, and most likely any other single-layer TLC NAND SSD, those are much tougher questions.Only you know how much you’ll be writing to the drive. You should be fine during most day-to-day operations and light computing tasks. But performance plummets when copy games or movies to the drive, install the OS, back up to it, etc.

Price is the real kicker. To date, unless you’re trying to make every penny count, there’s simply not enough in the way of savings to justify even the occasional aggravation. The 960GB BX200 costs $300, but the company’s own MLC-based MX200 SSDD costs only $20 more. 

That said, the SSD market seems to be entering a state of flux, and single-layer TLC SSDs may drop dramatically in price.-perhaps well below what MLC SSDs can reasonably be sold for. But until that happens, you're better off with a low-end MLC-based drive. 


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