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007 Tips for keeping your business as secure as MI6

Ryan Barrett, VP of privacy and security, Intermedia | Nov. 6, 2015
As you begin planning for 2016, here are 007 tips for bringing your business closer to an MI6 level of security, without a nation-state budget.

5. Identity and Access Management to prevent double agents: Spies aren’t the only ones worried about being double-crossed. A recent survey by Intermedia found that 28% of IT professionals have accessed systems belonging to previous employers after they left the company, and nearly 1 in 4 millennials said they would take data from their company if it could positively benefit them. Thanks to advanced identity and access management tools, though, businesses can not only monitor and disable the use of specific features within applications, but also capture screen shots of particular actions and create detailed audit trails of what a user does once they log.

6. Single-sign-on to simplify the mission at hand: Forward-looking businesses are constantly exploring new tools and apps to provide employees in order to empower them and make them more productive, but not even James Bond himself can create and remember strong passwords for the 14+ cloud services employees typically access today. Deploying a single-sign solution will provide users with access to their web apps with just one password. Furthermore, premium versions can automatically create strong, unique passwords for each user that are periodically changed — automatically — without users ever knowing. This increases security and productivity; all your employees have to worry about is remembering whether they like their martini shaken or stirred.

7. Third party vendors, your allies in arms: The CIA, MI5, MI6, FBI etc., all occasionally work together on a single mission, and so too should businesses with their vendors. Many businesses don't realize the vendors they work with can help the business (and also put it at risk). If you're planning to store company information in the cloud, work with a cloud provider that has a strong reputation for security and also helps migrate and protect your data seamlessly.


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