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3 Deep, Dark Secrets of Cloud Computing

David Taber | Feb. 13, 2013
Everybody uses the cloud. How can there be any secrets? Many companies had to learn these three little lessons the hard way, but there's no reason your business can't learn from those mistakes.

Lesson 3: Since the Cloud Replaces Internal IT, It Must Be Managed Like IT

Users tend to think of a cloud purchase as a "solution." No more hard work until renewal time. What's going through their heads? "See, we skipped the need for IT and all that overhead!"

The moment they start to take a cloud system seriously, though, users want mash-ups, custom code and the capability to drag and drop items from the desktop. They want to integrate with other data sources inside and outside the company. Executives want reports and dashboards.

In other words, everyone will want the leverage and efficiency of an IT system. Those benefits only come when there's an architect and a "general contractor" working together, not just a "workman."

The irony is that the home turf for cloud vendors-small businesses and departments of larger companies-are the least likely to appreciate this. Large enterprises know that it takes time and discipline to properly exploit the cloud.

If all this comes as a surprise, let me comfort you with this. You're in good company. In my next article, I'll give you a quick self-assessment questionnaire to help you identify the first steps in your get-well program.


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