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7 reasons to move DR to the cloud

Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime | Feb. 13, 2013
It's well-known that disaster recovery is vital to sustaining a business. Organizations simply cannot function without their IT systems. That first wave of DR solutions dating back to the 1970s created a safety net for computer systems, but still involved days of downtime. Modern-day disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) are a world apart.

6. Complete mobility. Thanks to virtualization you can keep key systems up and running in the cloud even if the primary site is out of commission. As long as your staff has access to the Internet they can get back to work. This affords you complete mobility to move to another site or even allow people to work from home in the short term. In the event that your building is destroyed or contaminated this is a real life-saver.

7. An enhanced reputation. We've saved it for last, but it could very well be the most important reason of all. To withstand a disaster and keep things running is no mean feat and you can be certain that your clients and customers will appreciate it. If your competitor goes down in the face of the same disaster and lacks your DRaaS solution then you may even find that you gain a few new customers.

Guardtime is a developer of digital signatures that algorithmically prove the time, origin and integrity of electronic data.


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