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9 new cloud features Amazon announced, and 1 it didn’t

Brandon Butler | April 20, 2016
Amazon Web Services held a Summit today in Chicago and announced nifty new tools for its cloud

Remote Access to Devices in Amazon’s Farm

AWS Device Farm is a nifty little tool that allows mobile app developers to test their code on mobile devices hosted in Amazon’s cloud. Today, AWS announced that users have the ability to remotely access and control those devices, meaning you can swipe, gesture and interact with them.

Cognito sign up and sign up features

Amazon Cognito is a service for adding authentication, user management and data synchronization in mobile apps. Today, Amazon announced User Pools, which allows mobile app developers to more easily manage sign up and sign ins of mobile apps. Directories of hundreds of millions of users can be created to help manage authentication.

Kinesis stream updates

Amazon Kinesis is a product that allows users to manage data that is streamed into the cloud (it can be used to manage click-stream data on a retail site, or insight data in a game for example). Today, Amazon announced that Kinesis data can be streamed into Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon’s hosted version of the popular open source search and analytics service. Amazon added enhanced metrics to Kinesis, allowing shard-level metrics to be sent to Amazon CloudWatch, AWS’s monitoring service and it added Time-based Iterators, which will give developers more flexibility in managing timestamps when organizing data.

No word on ‘Project Sentinel’

CRN reported last week that Amazon Web Services is working on a new product –code named Sentinel – that will help users manage their infrastructure resources. If launched, this could be a bad sign for the broad market of managed service providers who offer support of AWS. It wouldn’t be the first time Amazon has introduced a product that competes directly with its partners though (AWS Trusted Advisor is a prime example).


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