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Acronis protects companies from security threats

Anuradha Shukla | Sept. 30, 2015
It announces joint collaboration with ID Quantique to bring quantum encryption to data protection.

Acronis and ID Quantique have joined hands to protect companies from future security threats related to advances in decryption techniques and the arrival of quantum computing.

Both companies have announced a joint collaboration to this end. According to the agreement, Acronis will work with ID Quantique to bring quantum-safe encryption capabilities to Acronis cloud solutions.

Thanks to this collaboration, companies will be able protect the increasing amount of data that is outside of the company firewall and on multiple mobile devices. This strategic move will also prevent unauthorised users from accessing Acronis customer data under protection both in transit and in the cloud.

"Acronis believes that data privacy and data security are critical requirements for complete cloud data protection, and we're working with leaders such as ID Quantique to innovate in areas like quantum-safe encryption," said Serguei Beloussov, co-founder and CEO at Acronis. "The result ensures that our cloud customers get the most secure solutions in the industry and most importantly are protected against future threats and attacks."

Quantum-safe encryption
Both Acronis and ID Quantique will leverage quantum-safe encryption to provide several increased security capabilities to Acronis cloud data protection solutions.

One such capability is quantum-resistant encryption that ensures Acronis cloud data protection customers are safe from future cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

Quantum key distribution provides future-proof security for the backbone network that links Acronis' worldwide data centres.

Another capability — quantum random number generators — produces high-quality, high-entropy, and highly secure keys for users to help prevent unauthorised access of data under Acronis protection.

"Quantum-safe approaches are essential to guarantee long-term confidentiality of data," said Gregoire Ribordy, CEO at ID Quantique. "This kind of solution will become the de-facto standard for the cloud, and Acronis, as a first-mover, will have a strong edge."


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