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Addressing the woes of 2014’s enterprise tech trends in AP: Dimension Data

Nurdianah Md Nur | March 4, 2014
Andy Cocks, CTO of Dimension Data AP, shares insights on how to overcome the challenges associated with cloud technology, the Internet of Things, networks, mobility and social media.

As the cloud represents IT services delivered over the network, the performance and security concerns are important and need to be addressed. This is specifically important as Asia is still developing as compared to the US, Europe or Australia in terms of quality of network services in the region.

Data Sovereignty concerns and regulatory guidelines specifically are inhibitors of large scale adoption by Public Sector and Financial Services clients, who are finding it complex to deal with the multiple countries and varied legal and tax frameworks across countries in Asia.

All of the above, however, are increasingly getting addressed as providers in the region mature. The implicit business value that cloud represents is also pushing organisations and vendors to come up with innovative solutions to these problems.

What does the term 'connected world' mean and why is it important to enterprises?
The term 'connected world' brings together the notion of all aspects of life and businesses becoming connected through the help of the Internet. This trend is driven by the fact that high levels of intelligence can increase creative competitive advantages in business.

A "connected world" is important to enterprises because businesses rely heavily on the use of the Internet and online platforms to connect with their partners and customers. At present, businesses are connecting 'things' to networks, a trend that will continue to grow in the future.

Looking ahead, the notion of gathering information via the 'connected world' will be vital and even at a micro level, beyond what today we think is possible-in cars, consumer goods,  agriculture, medical systems, clothing, manufacturing, etc.

What are the challenges of creating (and maintaining) a connected world? How should we overcome them?
We are now in an era where almost everything is connected via the Internet-every transaction, every piece of information can simply be carried out and shared online. This new era brings along an acceleration of new innovation and disruptive technologies.

There is a need to understand how to embrace opportunities to tap on and build a new connected ecosystem. The Internet has evolved to becoming a channel of growth and innovation. The challenge here is to understand what contributes to a connected world-mobility, cloud, security and media channels as well. Every area is crucial to the organisation and it is important to know what areas to tap on, to open doors to massive opportunities for businesses.

When it comes to networking, there has been a lot of talk about virtualising the networks. Why is there a need for enterprises in Asia to do so? And are they ready to transform their networks?
Clients that are moving to a new data centre should be looking to implement software defined networking (SDN) technology or at least using technology that will support their future SDN goals. Clients that are looking to move their data centres to a virtual environment need to position SDN as part of their infrastructure as it simply makes the movement of virtual workloads easier.


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