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Analyst Forecasts Future of Datacenters in 2016: Bleak But Not too Much

Saheli Sen Gupta | June 29, 2016
The future investments in datacenter space will shift gears in creating third platform based systems rather than only managing the existing ones, says Gaurav Sharma, Research Manager, Enterprise Computing, IDC.

How will cloud influence the decisions that organizations make, keeping their datacenter infrastructure in mind?

Enterprises and large organizations would typically be looking at cloud based infrastructure and services to augment their existing datacenters. A smart blend of their own infrastructure and cloud's capability to scale would enable them to differentiate their service quality and coverage in the long run.

For SMBs, cloud based infrastructure and services would be a more cost effective and easy way to build (virtual) and scale option. However, once they reach a certain size, they might end up looking for a hybrid/private setup as well. As connectivity options take a leap in India and worldwide, cloud adoption is also expected to gain pace. Datacenters will remain in the future as well but the way they are accessed or utilized is sure to undergo a change from legacy based to a smart IT enabled -- maybe Hybrid -- form.

What advice would you give CIOs who want to get the most out of their datacenters in 2016?

CIOs need to start evaluating efficiency technologies as the future datacenters would be governed by those cost economics and begin to invest in skills and training as more automation would also mean requirement of deeply skilled professionals. IT leaders need to carefully assess their organization's business goals and vision for the next five years and map the infrastructural gap.

Also, a smart combination of on and off premise or cloud based and legacy systems would enable organizations to differentiate. As we move into 2016, CIOs should start preparing for software defined environments, consider converged solutions and open source options carefully, and prioritize consolidation and standardization moving forward.

Source: Computerworld India  


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