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Are Windows 8 tablets racing to enterprise success?

Paul Rubens | Feb. 26, 2013
Enterprise developers are seeing demand for Windows 8 line of business apps on mobile devices. However, the applications--while impressive--are speeding along mostly in vertical markets for very specific needs.

Before each flight the application receives data about passengers booked on board from other Emirates computer systems, and during flights pursers can use the app to record customer feedback and to upgrade passengers to business or first class. The airline aims to have about 1,000 Windows 8 tablets running the application in the air by year-end.

And in the U.K., British Telecom engineers are being provided with touch-enabled Panasonic Toughbooks and a suite of Windows 8 line-of-business apps that allow them to manage and update their assigned job information while working in the field. About 5,000 have been issued so far.

The Windows 8 Touch Screen Challenge

The problem that Microsoft is having to face is this: These types of limited deployments of line of business apps--where a touch interface is required--is a fairly small market.

For most other purposes, a laptop running a Windows 7 app, or even an iOS or Android phone or tablet running an enterprise app or even a Web app, could probably suffice.

"Developers see the new .Net versions as Java's equal for complex enterprise and cloud deployment, but they don't see Microsoft as relevant yet with mobile devices," Forrester's David Johnson concludes.


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