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Asia lags on Cloud Computing

Ross O. Storey | May 20, 2011
Asia remains about three years behind North America and Europe in the enterprise adoption of cloud computing, because of infrastructure issues, according to Per Dahlberg, the CEO and co-founder of the non-profit, vendor-neutral Asia Cloud Computing Association.

What does the Association consider to be the major hurdles to be overcome in Asia for cloud computing to become accepted by the mainstream?

Cloud adoption is held by back factors ranging from a lack of broadband readiness to concerns around security, vendor lock-in, performance, availability and a general understanding of what cloud computing is. On top of that, or cutting right through it all, is the issue of Asia's fragmented regulatory framework, which is one of the biggest challenges in the region.

There is an historic opportunity for Asian economies to negotiate an appropriate framework that would enable open and secure trade in online services while reducing the legislative provisions and regulatory practices that inhibit the flow of and storage of information within and between jurisdictions. 

As an industry, we recognize that enterprises and individual consumers will use new cloud-based technologies only if they have confidence that their information will be reasonably protected. As companies, we see that the economic benefits of investment and potential for innovation will be fully realized only if clear and up-to-date privacy laws protect confidential information. And as individuals, we want to ensure that one of the most valued benefits of the PC era - that computing truly was personal in nature - will continue to flourish as information moves from the desktop to data centres. 

The more that regulators and policy makers can work together across the region and across the world to develop 21st century data protection laws will not only advance cloud computing for their country, but also create a truly trustworthy global cloud computing ecosystem.  The dividends from embracing a connected digital economy in Asia will be profound and help promote further productivity and economic growth and establish the region as the cloud computing leader.

What will the association be doing about establishing global and internationally accepted standards for cloud computing and where is the world currently at, relating to cloud standards?

While a number of industry consortia are actively involved in making cloud computing a reality  by addressing the needs for common platforms, there is no one organization focusing on the opportunities and issues for the Asian market - until now. The Asia Cloud Computing Association is that organization. 

Asia Cloud offers a very specific forum for stakeholders - hardware and software developers, carriers, enterprise users, policy makers and researchers - to collaborate on the requirements of the Asia market from within, with expertise born of local knowledge. As a collaborative forum, Asia Cloud will accelerate the growth of the cloud market regionally by helping remove obstacles and leveraging opportunities.

The association plans to define standards and industry best practices, drive public policy issues with regional regulators, offer platforms for communication and act as a representative of the community to other stakeholders in the ecosystem



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