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Australia not ready for only one Cloud flavour: Mitel

Patrick Budmar | March 12, 2014
Mitel recommends due diligence before diving head first into the Cloud.

Mitel recommends due diligence before diving head first into the Cloud.

Asia-Pacific Cloud specialist, Dobek Bociarski, said it is because the Australian market is "far from ready" for single approach.

"SaaS vendors and service providers need to plan and strive towards public Cloud," he said.

"A discerning customer should, however, evaluate the merits of each in the light of what is feasible today."

Bociarski points to how applications and services delivered from the Cloud can vary in the impact they have on a business.

"Public Cloud is a best efforts offering and may not suit applications where a service level commitment is mandated, something a private Cloud offering can deliver," he said.

Something Mitel has noticed is a difference in the level of dependence on the network.

In North America, the company's Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is predominantly offered as public Cloud, while the private Cloud has found a following the Australian medium to large enterprise market.

Different flavours
To help business decide what flavour of the Cloud is best for them, Bociarski recommends partners and resellers take on the role of the trusted advisor.

Consultation can centre on the merits of public versus private Cloud in the light of the different applications and services being subscribed to organisations.

"The opportunity lies in partnering with telcos, vendors and service providers to not only provide a light, utility based offering, but also a value add where their input will make a difference on the customers experience," Bociarski said.


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