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Averail Access aces mobility management test

Craig Mathias | Jan. 21, 2014
Enterprise mobility management (EMM) can encompass a broad range of functions, from managing mobile devices, to applications, expenses, personnel, and policies. But perhaps the most important aspect is mobile information/data/content management, tracking the distribution and usage of sensitive organizational data, as well as ensuring appropriate security and policy compliance.

This flexibility is key we're still in the early days of mobility management, and individual IT shops need the ability to define management and control specifics that meet their individual philosophies and objectives.

Extensibility is also important, as new services are likely to continue to appear for some time. Averail Access can be thought of as a framework enabling this extensibility, again, and importantly, subject to central management and policy control.

The Averail client is very intuitive and simple to use; it would be hard to imagine that any training or even support would be required for anyone familiar with a smartphone. I tried opening and viewing documents; the operations were fluid, and detailed information on each file is also available. Want to make a specific file available for offline viewing? Just tap the "star" icon next to the file, and that's that.

I also added my personal Dropbox account to the demo account, and the process again was simple: tell Averail Access about the account, log in, and that's it everything integrated under a single management umbrella. This couldn't be easier!

The next test was to download and annotate a PDF file, returning it to the cloud (which is, by the way, implemented via SharePoint in the Demo implementation) when done. Again, pretty simple although I did notice one small bug in viewing the annotation; this was traced to a difference between iOS 6 and 7 and will be fixed - new releases occur every six weeks. And the annotation of Office files is also on the way, something most would clearly like to have.

I also tried the federated search feature that makes searching across all connected storage simple, and it worked as advertised, even searching the linked Dropbox account. The responsiveness of the service overall was excellent.

The Demo site available via the free trial contains User Guides and additional information useful to evaluators. Overall, though, Averail Access is one of the friendliest, easiest-to-use mobile information management systems I've seen.

In summary ease-of-use, central control, policies enforced by the client, reports and audit trails, (very) rapid deployment, and, oh yes, low cost: just $10 per month per user. I literally could not find anything to dislike, and, while the service itself continues to evolve rapidly, Averail Access should absolutely be on your list of mobility management solutions to consider.


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