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AWS re:Invent: Transform the enterprise through the cloud

Divina Paredes | Nov. 17, 2014
Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services senior vice president, lists steps businesses can take as cloud becomes the new normal.

The pace of innovation is accelerating at AWS, and allowing customers to do things that they dream and talk about.

In 2012, AWS launched 159 services, and 280 in 2013. As of this week, it has launched 442 services, and is said to be on their way to launching up to 500 functionalities.

"It is just a fraction of things that are going on right now."

He cites the impact of the announcement that the Central Intelligence Agency has chosen to work with AWS.

"A lot of customers had stated that if it is secure enough for the CIA to use, it is probably secure enough for them too. That has completely changed a lot of these conversations."

Some AWS customers came on stage to talk about their experiences.

One of them is Joe Inzerillo, CTO of Major League Baseball, who says they are bringing the sport to the digital age using AWS platforms.

Consumer behavior is changing and are going more online and mobile. Their preferences are also changing with customers watching the games on their iPads, rather than big television screens.

He shares that the most exciting work he has done in his ICT career is the Statcast that is powered by AWS. Statcase objectively and accurately measures the position of every player, the umpires, and the ball in near real time.

He says each season — with 2430 games — produces 17 petabytes of raw data. This information is captured and put into the Amazon system for real time analytics.

Jeroen Tas, CEO, informatics solutions and services at Philips, says they are capturing patient data and interpreting these in real time. The data involved is massive, as they involve digital scans and genome sequences.

"We are creating the Philips HealthSuite digital platform, and AWS helps us to stay secure, scalable, and adaptable."

"We are aiming to reinvent the health of billions of people with support of AWS."

Partners and pioneers

Jassy says the cloud is the biggest technology shift in our lifetime, and involves a change management process in enterprises.

"If I look at the difference between enterprises that moved quickly and successfully to the cloud, and those that have moved slower, a lot of it is not technology but people," he states.

He says leaders have to decide why they want to do this, and not tolerate being blocked. They will not boil the ocean, but pick a bunch of workloads and move, because it is inexpensive to use AWS. It is easy for them to get the experience doing it, and that starts the cycle.

"Everything we do starts with the customers, all strategies and tactics go back from there," Jassy avers. "Most technology companies are competitor focused."


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