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CIOs should inspire team for 'software defined' shift : Chad Sakac, EMC

Yogesh Gupta | Aug. 21, 2013
'Software Defined' essentially translates into high degree of automation and lower degree of people dependency for an organisation. What does it mean for people and processes within the IT team?

The regular people are impacted or touched through large scale data analytics in our everyday lives. Over the next decade, the people will take control and ownership of their data. They would build Apps using their data and start questioning on who owns the data - Amazon, Google or they? In Europe there is lot of push back on who owns the personal data.

We have to take it out of the land of the esoteric and show SMEs, big business. Web 2.0 companies, mom and pop shops as well as individual humans on how all of the stuff touches us.

Dutch banking regulator recently permitted Dutch banks to go on the public cloud. But banking industry are risk averse people to this version of cloud?

That will take time. It's a case of two steps forwards and one step back and there will be falling down moments in that transition. Germany - the neighbouring country to Holland - has highly restrictive controlling governance for regulator industries.

Enterprises will realise that it is not intrinsic thing that a multi tenant public service provider cannot offer a degree of compliance, security and transparency that is as great as internal IT. Attestation is the key on how a cloud provider prove that they are complaint from the get go.

Anyone who believe tomorrow's world will be dominated by a dozen odd big cloud providers are absolutely wrong .There will be hundreds and thousands of cloud providers like in EMEA regions with geographically constrained cloud models like industry vertical clouds and community clouds.

We are absolutely in early to mid stages towards more utility computing model. It is matter of when and not if. And that's an interesting business opportunity whether you are service provider or an enterprise.


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