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Cloud Plus expands with Brocade Network Subscription

Ike Suarez | Nov. 25, 2014
“Pay-as-you-go” model to enable rapid scaling of its network at minimum cost.

Cloud Plus, a wholesale producer of private cloud solutions, is expanding its  infrastructure capabilities with the Brocade Network Subscription model.

A press statement by Brocade Communications Systems Inc. said the acquisition model will enable the Brisbane-based Cloud Plus to quickly scale up its network infrastructure while paying only for capacity used.

The San Jose, California-based vendor's "pay-as-you-go" model will enable Cloud Plus to add new Brocade equipment to its infrastructure whenever needed.

The US vendor of data and storage networking products said prompting Cloud Plus' decision to turn to the Brocade Network Subscription  model was its need for a highly scalable network infrastructure that also was affordable to acquire.

Exponential Growth

Bringing this about was the exponential growth in network traffic Cloud Plus has continuously experienced as a result of a growing list of clients.

But Cloud Plus had sought to avoid tying up its finances in  infrastructure assets when  its network traffic-although continuously growing-goes through the low point in its cycles of peaks and valleys in transmission.

The press statement cited the fact that under this model, Cloud Plus has installed Brocade VDX 6740 switches in its new data centre in Sydney.

Because it has only recently started operations, the data centre still has low utilization levels with regard to its cloud infrastructure.

Presently, Cloud Plus pays Brocade Communications Systems only for the Ethernet fabric ports connected to the active nodes.

Under this model, Cloud Plus has the right to add more VDX switches when demand for capacity in the Sydney data centre shall have increased.

Fees charged by Brocade Communications Systems will then adjust accordingly and such adjustments will be on a dynamic basis.

The press statement said Cloud Plus also plans to introduce Brocade MLXe Series routers on each of its Point-of-Presence (P-o-P) sites.

Under the Brocade Network Subscription model, Cloud Plus will pay only for traffic switching capacity of the routers that had been used.



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