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Cloud-powered security solution available for SMBs in Malaysia

AvantiKumar | Oct. 14, 2010
Symantec Hosted Services announces Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protection.
KUALA LUMPUR, 14 OCTOBER 2010 -- Small and medium businesses (SMBs)or SMEsin Malaysia can now opt for security solutions delivered through the cloud, according to security solutions provider Symantec Hosted Services.

Speaking during the launch in Malaysia, Symantec Hosted Services vice president - Asia Pacific & Japan, Bjorn Engelhardt said SMBs could take advantage of more than 18 years of experience that Symantec Hosted Services has in developing technologies for anti-virus and endpoint protection. "Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protection is designed to safeguard endpoint systems with a single solution managed from a Web-based console offering advanced protection from the endpoint to the gateway."

"A recent independent research study indicated that the global SaaS [software-as-a-service] market size is expected to reach US$5 billion in the next couple of years," said Engelhardt. "In addition, a 2010 survey showed that 85 per cent Malaysian small and medium enterprises [SMEs]classed as companies with less than 150 full-time employeessee IT security as a critical issue, though there still seemed to be a slightly lower level of awareness among local SMEs."

"Currently, just 15 per cent of the respondent companies in Malaysia say they are using SaaS [cloud] security solutions compared with 25 per cent for Singapore," he said. "In UK, the figure is almost 50 per cent."

 Plans to use cloud security services

Engelhardt said the study showed 53 per cent Malaysian SMEs plan to use hosted security services in the near future.

"The customer base in Singapore in the last 18 months has seen significant activity and this is being duplicated in Malaysia," he said.

"Benefits from using hosted services (or SaaS) include more robust protection from using IT security experts (80 per cent), cost optimisation/predictability (48 per cent), and legal/compliance responsibilities (19 per cent) as well as consolidation of services to one vendor (9.7 per cent)," said Engelhardt.

He added that the cost savings factor was a more critical consideration for SMEs. "Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protectionor the management of the security of endpoint devices through the cloud for smaller companies is a new paradigm."

"Companies need be on top of security threats as these change every day, while also containing business costs while making the best of stretched staffing, which can be effectively met by hosted security services," said Engelhardt.