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Coping with another billion internet users by 2015

AvantiKumar | July 31, 2011
Intel reveals the regional impact of cloud adoption and its Cloud 2015 vision at its APAC Cloud Summit, Malaysia.

Intel - Liam Keating

PHOTO - Intel APAC IT Director and China IT Country Manager Liam Keating.


By 2015, another billion users will be added to the connected world, which presents additional challenges to the industry, according to technology solutions firm Intel Corporation at its APAC [Asia Pacific] Cloud Summit, held July 26, in Penang, Malaysia.

"There is also a fundamental change in the way we use technology as users demand a more immediate service as a result of end user experiences of internet services such as Gmail," said  Intel Director of Leadership Marketing, Data Centre Group, Allyson Klein.  "In the Asia Pacific region, this transition is more apparent than other parts of the world."

"We [as an industry] are delivering different form factors to new users other than a separate PC," said Klein. We are on the cusp of delivering renaissance of compute experience, which is creating a new frontier of insight with devices that talk to each other. A farmer who is planning the use of water to his crops, using sensors connected to data centre, which in turn, is connected to weather results in a more sustainable and efficient use of resources."

"In addition, there is a new economic model for the cloud when you consider you need one server for about 600 smartphones, or one server for 120 tablets," she said. "Growth in cloud will be larger than other aspects and Intel's strategy is comprehensive: we are going straight to end user companies to help to drive, define and prioritise IT plans."

"Intel serves as a non-voting technical advisor to the Open Data Centre Alliance (ODCA -, founded in 2010, which comprises about 280 IT leaders from different industry verticals and helps to drive planning and purchasing decision as well to meet appropriate government regulations around the world."

"Intel is helping to push standards through governments in the region and to help IT leaders deliver cloud services with greater security and sustainability features," said Hong Kong-based Intel APAC Regional Marketing Programme Manager, Data Centre Group, Nick Knupffer. "One security feature is the use of geotagging in internet banking, which basically ensures transactions are carried out in the country where the account is held."


 Cloud adoption rates in the Asia Pacific region

During his keynote address, IDC Asia Pacific Group Vice President, Domain Research Group, Avneesh Saxena said that some of the adoption rates of cloud computing in Asian countries could be driven by the new generation of internet users such as Gen Y and Gen Z. "These groups have a different behaviour and interaction as they grew up in the internet world.


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